Uniting communities through work force housing, while building economies of wealth.

About Us


Patriot Family Capital (PFC), facilitates the pursuit of an extraordinary life with impact and fulfillment for our investors, Through the provision of passive income PFC seeks to bless and support families to Live Their American Dream.


PFC is highly committed to lead and inspire the acceleration of wealth and prosperity. This empowers us to unite communities of our investors through the relentless execution of innovative targeted alternative investment solutions, that enhance your American Dream. 


Sean Chermer, the founder and CEO, has committed 25% of his personal profits to Christian nonprofits for children in the area of investment to impact the life and circumstances of our most precious and vulnerable.

Patriot Family Capital proudly presents investment opportunities, with our Patriot Family Team serving as the Principal or Partner alongside trusted top-tier operators across the United States. We have personally vetted these operators and established a high level of trust with them. Together, we have a cumulative count of over 900 doors and a value of nearly $140,000,000. In the current market environment, Patriot Family sees an opportunity to help our investors thrive in times of economic uncertainty.Our team’s intent extends beyond mere wealth preservation. We are dedicated to expanding your family’s wealth by fostering enduring relationships based on shared understanding. Our goal is to ensure that your investment aligns directly with your wealth management objectives.

Core Values

Through Service, the PFC Team lives out our Core Values of:

Honesty, Honor, Integrity, Truth, Loyalty, Compassion, and Impacting Others

Our Why:

  • At PFC, we believe that the American Dream is not just a slogan, but the journey to better the lives of those you love. We believe wealth is more than your net worth, it is a reflection of your values, your vision, and your impact to others.
  • We serve as a vessel to preserve and grow wealth through the acquisition of real assets. We offer a range of targeted alternative investment opportunities that aim to accelerate the wealth of our clients.
  • Our goal is to help you protect your wealth from the ups and downs of the stock market. Grow your wealth to achieve your desired lifestyle, and create a lasting legacy for your Family and your Community.
  • PFC has the network and the know-how to provide you access to the most lucrative and innovative markets. PFC is more than an Investment Firm. We are your ally in the pursuit of your American Dream.

Our Team

Discover our Trusted Team of Experts

Sean M. Chermer

Founder / CEO
Sean M. Chermer is a Father, Husband, Real Estate Investor, and Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years of service. Through his leadership, in 2022 Patriot Family launched the Patriot Family REI (PFREI) division as serving as the sponsor and operator of real estate projects. In January of 2023, through strategic partnerships, Sean created the Patriot Family Capital (PFC) division, providing investor services through raising capital. Always evaluating the operating environment, Patriot Family functions to identify prime investment opportunities, the associated risks and mitigate them with thorough planning and effective execution. In each investment offering, Patriot Family implements the optimal structure to serve the investors’, residents’, and communities’ needs based on current and projected local and regional economic environments.

Through Patriot Family Sean is dedicated to building on his service as an Officer in the US Army with more than half his service overseas. Through vision and leadership, he strives to serve as a catalyst to our investors’, residents’, communities’, and customers’ actualization of Their American Dream. Sean, his lovely bride of nearly 17 years Angie, and their three children currently resides in Hoover, Alabama.

David Clinton

Chief Strategy Officer / Principal
David Clinton is a husband, father, real estate investor, and mentor. He personally coaches local investors striving to provide for their families while doing good in their communities. His wife is a fair-trade social entrepreneur who loves helping to make a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Quitting high school at age 15 so that he could begin college early, David has always been an out-of-the-box thinker and doer. Since 2013 David has devoted his career to the buying and selling of many unique houses and apartment complexes in a variety of creative ways. Challenging properties and difficult situations don’t scare him – in fact he thrives on the positive outcomes that he provides for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

In more recent years, David has expanded his focus from his own backyard (the Inland Northwest), to being General Partner on value-add apartment complexes in burgeoning communities of southeast Tennessee and central Alabama. David is actively involved in philanthropy, business, and financial problem-solving: creating win-win outcomes for sellers, tenants, buyers, and investors.
David’s expertise is in reviewing the goals of home sellers and home buyers and setting them on a path that best fits with their unique objectives. David is actively involved in philanthropy, business, and financial problem-solving, and creating win-win outcomes.

Bradley Bennett

Bradley Bennett
 worked in the audit & assurance services practice at Big 4 Firm, KPMG LLP. After this he accepted concurrent managerial positions as the Vice President of Finance at Nelson Wire Rope Corporation, a distributor and value-added manufacturer of rigging & lifting equipment, and as Fiscal Managing Director position at Child and Family Focus, Inc. a not-for-profit organization providing mental health services to youth in the greater Philadelphia area.

In addition to the aforementioned, Bradley is a partner in Venture CPAs, LLC, an accounting firm that specializes in efficiency and effectiveness of accounting, financial reporting, and organizational processes. 

Bradley joined Patriot Family REI in 2022 and assumed the duties of Chief Financial Officer this year as he adds significant value towards the vision and mission of Patriot Family REI.

Bradley resides in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area with his loving wife, Emily, and are expecting their first child.  

Steve Woodruff

Chief Investment Officer
Steve Woodruff 
 brings 17 years of demonstrated experience working in finance, with roles ranging from corporate financial analyst in the BioTech industry, to building a financial advisory practice with more than $1.3 Billion in assets under administration. Steve has a true passion for investing in real estate and for helping others who want to break into the industry. Since 2017, he has personally procured a portfolio of short-term vacation rental properties and traditional long-term rental properties spanning eastern Pennsylvania and central Ohio.

Steve joined Patriot Family REI to leverage his expertise in finance and his passion for real estate investing to complement the firm’s growth trajectory. He currently resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his loving wife, Rachel, and three children.

Linda Chermer

Business & Asset Manager
Linda Chermer
and her husband live in the Philadelphia region. She graduated from SUNY Upstate Medical Center as a Respiratory Therapist and pursued her medical career for 15+ years.

She and her husband also have considerable experience in home renovations. Whether rented or owned and eventually sold, every property wasconsistently well-reviewed and profitable. For several years she was the treasurer forthe Downingtown, PA Historical Commission, overseeing multiple accounts, and meeting frequently with the borough Finance Director and other administrative

She made a career change in 2011, and now has 11 years of experience
working as the Business Office Manager and Payroll Specialist for a large counselingcenter, with several locations throughout the Philadelphia area. Linda joined Patriot Family REI in July of 2022.

We look forward to welcoming you to our investor community.


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